Canadian Executive MBA.
Welcome to CEMBA - the Canadian Executive MBA program offered by ESG University of
Quebec at Montreal UQAM and the Warsaw School of Economics SGH.

CEMBA Advisory Board has been established in January 2003. The role of the Advisory Board is to:

  • strengthen the links between the CEMBA program and in particular its graduates with the business environment,
  • share with the students the practical professional experience through lectures by guest speakers,
  • forward the information about the newest business trends and possibilities of using this knowledge within the CEMBA Program.

The opinions of the Advisory Board are being taken into consideration while setting the strategic targets for Canadian Executive MBA.


Chairman of the Board: Cristiano Pinzauti, President, Novandum Consulting, Vice-President, Polish Confederation of Private Employers

Vice-chairman of the Board: Bogusław Hass, President of Beta Soap (CEMBA alumnus)


  • Ambassador of Canada to the Republic of Poland,
  • Grażyna Aniszewska-Banaś, Director of the CEMBA Program, assistant professor at the Warsaw School of Economics,
  • Jacek Prokop, Vice Rector for the International Relations at the Warsaw School of Economics,
  • Magdalena Oleksiuk, Development Manager at Ernst&Young Academy of Business,
  • Andrzej Kaczmarek, PSE, Chief of the Board,
  • Aleksandra Łukasiewicz, Boston Consulting Group Consultant (CEMBA alumnus).


On 10th March 2011 His Excellency Dan Costello. Dr. Costello offered a lecture to the Economics&Sociopolitical Context of the Firm class. The theme of this lecture was "Multiculturalism and Human Capital in Canada".

On 10th of January 2003 Mr. Cristiano Pinzauti, President of Getronics Polska Sp. z o.o., Vice-President of Polish Confederation of Private Employers and member of CEMBA Advisory Board gave a  lecture to CEMBA students as a part of the Organizational Behaviour course.w

Mr. Pinzauti during his speech shared with the students some examples of his professional experiences and gave some practical advice on how to use wisely individual talents and external possibilities available for people working in different types of organizations. Extreme interest of the participants was drawn to one of the points of presentation concerning "Money, Sex, Power and Public Good in Organization". This point was also addressed in most of the questions, which Mr. Pinzauti answered after the presentation and was the reason for heated discussion which continued after the class.

On March 19th, 2004 CEMBA students participated in the lecture given by Mr. Ryszard Pospieszyński, Director at Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. z o.o. The presentation entitled "How to get to the top" was delivered as part of the Strategic Market Planning course. Mr. Pospieszyński is also a Chairman of CEMBA Advisory Board.

Apart from sharing with the students his personal experiences, Mr. Pospieszyński mentioned also success stories of famous companies and individuals to support the statement that in order to get to the top "first you have to have a DREAM and then focus on pursuing it". The lecture ended with an interactive team-building game played among the CEMBA students.

The presentation delivered during the above described invited lecture is available for registered CEMBA students at e-sgh learning platform at

On October 29th, 2004 CEMBA students took part in a lecture delivered by Ms. Paula Wąsowska, Director for Central & Eastern Europe, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems EMEA. Ms. Wąsowska is a CEMBA cohort IV graduate.

The presentation was delivered as part of the Marketing course and was entitled "Integrated e-Marketing". The discussion of the topic was based on a Cisco case study. The speaker analysed the chosen part of e-business from a broad perspective taking into consideration not only web-enabled marketing and sales, but also the examples of financial benefits and popular myths about this channel of distribution and promotion. The main topics of the presentation were: e-Marketing, Service & Support, e-Commerce and e-Sales.

As the content of this  lecture proved to be interesting and up-to-date, it generated a lot of questions from the audience and was a good starting point for a discussion among all participants

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